Writing checklist for exams

Here is a quick and effective technique to share with your students who are getting ready for the writing part of their exams. I have been using it with my Cambridge Advanced students who struggle with using in practice all the grammar they have crammed. Used regularly, this technique substantially boosts the students’ confidence and speeds up the planning process before they begin to write.   Continue Reading …


Climate change lesson plan

This is a lesson I have recently tried with my C1 teenage group. It is based around the climate change solutions quiz by CNN. The activities include vocabulary brainstorming, mini group discussion and ranking, and a possible writing extension. You will need around 90 minutes for this class.

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Conditional structures fun activities

What types of exercises can help your students wrap their heads around more complex conditional structures they often encounter when preparing to exams (B2 and C1)? Keep reading to find out.

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Exploring model texts to improve writing

exploring-model-textsIn this post, I am writing about 5 ways to explore model written texts featured in coursebooks (Writing Reference section) to help students work on their writing. I have been using these ideas during my individual classes with adult students preparing for Cambridge First and Advanced exams.

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Visual prompts: my 3 favourite illustrators

SPEAKING-PROMPTS-ILLUSTRATORS-#1-(1)In this post, I am coming back to the issue of organising my classes around images rather than topics and lists of conversation questions. I am sharing the list of my 3 favourite illustrators and some tips on using their work during lessons.

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February 3-2-1

February-3-2-1In February, I spent a lot of time looking for reading and listening resources my students could use for some after class language practice  I teach several elementary and pre-intermediate students and finding level-appropriate online resources was more difficult than I’d expected. I also stumbled upon two interesting apps for teachers and learned about a potentially incredible learning website which I’m not quite sure how to use. Take a look!

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Voscreen: teaching with video clips

VOSCREEN-TEACHING-WITH-VIDEO-CLIPSI might be a bit late to the Voscreen party as I discovered this free platform a couple of months ago. I’ve been experimenting with it quite a bit and I’d like to share my 10 ideas about using it with English learners in and out of the classroom.

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An interview with your future self: speaking / writing activity

INTERVIEWWITHYOURFUTURESELF-(1)The aim of this activity is to provide students with a context to revise present, past, and perfect tenses. I planned it with my teenage students in mind and the inspiration came from this article. It might be executed as a speaking or writing activity. Suitable for levels intermediate and higher.

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