What online teaching should NOT be about

WHAT-ONLINE-TEACHING-SHOULD-NOT-BE-ABOUTOh, you teach English online! So, does it mean that you just chat with people on Skype and they pay you for it? Does one even need any teaching experience to do that? These are some of the questions I’ve heard from both teachers and non-teachers recently and they basically sum up what I think online teaching should NOT be about.

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6 months of teaching online: my (very subjective) thoughts

6MONTHSI’ve been teaching English online for 6 months now and I’d like to share some of my (very subjective) thoughts on the matter. If you’re considering giving online teaching a try, you might find this post interesting. Take a look at some of my biggest surprises, most important lessons, and some reservations concerning giving online English classes.

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Online games for advanced students

ONLINE-GAMES-FOR-ADVANCED-STUDENTSThe Internet is full of fun and eye-catching games for younger learners or even low-level adults. What I have been struggling with, was finding suitable online activities for more advanced students that would not be more of the same exam practice or grammar fill-in exercises. Feeling my students would appreciate (and deserved!)  some language fun, I started looking for online games and activities I could use in the classroom. Continue Reading …