Note down, pair, share listening and speaking activity

NOTE-DOWNPAIRSHARELISTENING-AND-SPEAKING-ACTIVITYThe aim of this activity is for the students to practice their listening and speaking skills. It is suitable for any level, groups of 2 and more students. It is best used to create interest in the lesson topic or to close the class.

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The Real Rain Man: video activity about Kim Peek

The Real Rain Man video activity offers students the opportunity to practice their listening and speaking skills. They watch a short video and answer some questions, and then discuss the content of the documentary. I came up with the idea for this activity while looking for more engaging ways to approach the chapter in the book entitled “Secrets of the mind”.

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Lifetramp lesson plan

Lifetramp lesson plan offers listening, speaking and writing practice. The aim of this class is to talk about different jobs and compare authentic job descriptions. The idea for this lesson came to me after stumbling upon this amazing website. I found the idea of Lifetramp really interesting and decided to introduce my students to this online community.

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Smartphone apps listening activity

This smartphone apps listening activity is based around the topic of new technologies and innovative use of smartphone apps. It works best with FCE, CAE, and upper-intermediate students. It compliments well coursebook chapters about technology and its influence on our lives, especially new technologies such as smartphone apps. I used this video published by BBC News.

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