Five more YouTube channels to use with curious students

In this post, I am sharing 5 more YouTube channels you can share with your curious students. You might find them appropriate for older and more mature teenagers as well. The only prerequisite is for both you and your students to be curious, open-minded and eager to learn new things about the world.  Continue Reading …


5 things I learned writing my first book

This time last year I was beginning to work on my first ever ELT publication: a grammar resource book for Polish high school students (high school leaving exam aka Matura). Here are 5 things I learned from that (long and often painful!) process. Keep reading if you are interested in ELT materials writing.

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Conditional structures fun activities

What types of exercises can help your students wrap their heads around more complex conditional structures they often encounter when preparing to exams (B2 and C1)? Keep reading to find out.

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Test-teach-test with Quizlet Live

Here is an activity I tried a couple of times with my teenage students. I decided to combine the test-teach-test approach with a fairly new feature of Quizlet which is Quizlet live. My students played a vital role in shaping this activity and so did my friend, Łukasz Knap who helped work out the technical kinks.

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The Loneliest Man in the Universe lesson plan

This lesson plan was created as a part of a challenge by a colleague of mine, Milada Krajewska, and presented at the 3rd European Congress of the Polish Association for Standards in Language Education PASE on 13th May 2017. The lesson was designed with C1 students in mind and takes roughly 60 minutes to complete.

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Wishes and unreal past: games for advanced students

In this post, you can find extra ideas for activities concerning unreal past, wishes, and hypothetical meaning. They were designed for C1/C2 students and aim at providing some context for using new structures. Activities should be used for further practice or revision.

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Cleft sentences role play

In this quick speaking activity students practice using cleft sentences (It + be, What, The reason why, It wasn’t until). It was designed with C1 students in mind. It works with both groups and individual learners. It takes up to 10 minutes and is perfect for revision, warm-up, or finishing the lesson. Continue Reading …