CAE proofreading bingo

This is an idea for a quick game with advanced students that requires virtually no preparation. The aim is to help them remember the importance of proofreading their written work.

The Task

First, prepare a list of most common errors your students make and you have discussed with them in class. Then, ask your students to write down 5 or 6 issues they should always pay attention to when rereading their work.

Depending what you have been focusing on in class, they are likely to come up with such ideas:

  • spelling


  • missing article


  • incomplete content


  • wrong verb form


  • punctuation


  • capitalisation


  • register / formality


  • organisation

When they are ready with their lists, play the bingo game. Read your list out loud and whenever somebody has the same item written down, they cross it out.  In this game, your students revise the proofreading startegy.

The game serves two purposes. First, your students revise their proofreading strategy. Second, it might reveal questions and doubts you haven’t yet discussed in class. It is also a great introduction to some practical proofreading exercises like this one.

This idea might be adapted for different levels and skills, especially speaking for exams. 

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