2016 genius inventions lesson plan

2016-GENIUSINVENTIONSLESSON-PLANIn this lesson students discuss the usefulness of various 2016 inventions. In the second stage of the lesson, students work with word formation exercises, modelled after Cambridge Advanced Use of English Part 3. The lesson is aimed at B2+ students, especially those who are planning to take the Cambridge Advanced exam. The class takes around 45 minutes to complete.

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June 3-2-1

JuneJune was all about videos. In this post, I’d like to share my 3 favourite video tools I have been using to incorporate video clips into my classes, 2 short videos I’ve used with different students on a number of occasions and they were always a big hit, and, finally, my new favourite online video series I’d recommend to any English language teacher and learner.

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6 months of teaching online: my (very subjective) thoughts

6MONTHSI’ve been teaching English online for 6 months now and I’d like to share some of my (very subjective) thoughts on the matter. If you’re considering giving online teaching a try, you might find this post interesting. Take a look at some of my biggest surprises, most important lessons, and some reservations concerning giving online English classes.

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1-2-1 classes with tweens: my favourite activities, part 3

1-2-1-CLASSES-WITH-TWEENS--MY-FAVOURITE-ACTIVITIES-PART-3This school year marks the first time I have had the opportunity to work with younger students on a 1-2-1 basis. My kids are 11 and 12, hence the tween label. In this series of posts, I would like to describe several activities that have worked particularly well during our classes (90 mins once a week). Here, you can read about my favourite activities that involve using photos taken by the students with their smartphones.

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February 3-2-1

February-3-2-1In February, I spent a lot of time looking for reading and listening resources my students could use for some after class language practice  I teach several elementary and pre-intermediate students and finding level-appropriate online resources was more difficult than I’d expected. I also stumbled upon two interesting apps for teachers and learned about a potentially incredible learning website which I’m not quite sure how to use. Take a look!

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Voscreen: teaching with video clips

VOSCREEN-TEACHING-WITH-VIDEO-CLIPSI might be a bit late to the Voscreen party as I discovered this free platform a couple of months ago. I’ve been experimenting with it quite a bit and I’d like to share my 10 ideas about using it with English learners in and out of the classroom.

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Smartphone apps listening activity

SMARTPHONE-APPS-LISTENING-ACTIVITYThis smartphone apps listening activity is based around the topic of new technologies and innovative use of smartphone apps. It works best with FCE, CAE, and upper-intermediate students. It compliments well coursebook chapters about technology and its influence on our lives, especially new technologies such as smartphone apps. I used this video published by BBC News.

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Workplace Robots lesson plan

Workplace robots lesson plan offers reading, listening, and speaking activities. The aim of this class is to discuss the possibility of workplace robots taking over and replacing humans. It is one of the issues many people grapple with and I was counting on my students to have strong opinions here. I was not disappointed. This topic is an instant discussion generator for the classroom. I have seen it in action during ordinary as well as conversation classes and it is golden. Continue Reading …