Five more YouTube channels to use with curious students

In this post, I am sharing 5 more YouTube channels you can share with your curious students. You might find them appropriate for older and more mature teenagers as well. The only prerequisite is for both you and your students to be curious, open-minded and eager to learn new things about the world.  Continue Reading …


Where to find inspiring videos for your lessons?

In this post, I am sharing my 10 favourite YouTube channels where I look for videos to use in my lessons or to recommend to my students.  The channels listed below are suitable for teenage and adult learners, levels intermediate and higher. Continue Reading …


The Loneliest Man in the Universe lesson plan

This lesson plan was created as a part of a challenge by a colleague of mine, Milada Krajewska, and presented at the 3rd European Congress of the Polish Association for Standards in Language Education PASE on 13th May 2017. The lesson was designed with C1 students in mind and takes roughly 60 minutes to complete.

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Note down, pair, share listening and speaking activity

NOTE-DOWNPAIRSHARELISTENING-AND-SPEAKING-ACTIVITYThe aim of this activity is for the students to practice their listening and speaking skills. It is suitable for any level, groups of 2 and more students. It is best used to create interest in the lesson topic or to close the class.

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February 3-2-1

In February, I spent a lot of time looking for reading and listening resources my students could use for some after class language practice  I teach several elementary and pre-intermediate students and finding level-appropriate online resources was more difficult than I’d expected. I also stumbled upon two interesting apps for teachers and learned about a potentially incredible learning website which I’m not quite sure how to use. Take a look!

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TED Talk: Falling in love is the easy part

TED-TALK-FALLING-IN-LOVEIS-THE-EASY-PARTIn this lesson, students watch a TED Talk by Mandy Len Catron, answer comprehension questions, practice asking and answering questions, and discuss the topic of falling in love, dating, and relationships. It is suitable for levels intermediate and higher. Before deciding to teach this lesson, take a look at this article and consider your students’ cultural sensitivity.

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My day in four skills: #4skills1day

The idea for this post came from Joanna’s wonderful blog and I’ve been meaning to write it for a couple of weeks now. Once I sat down to it and looked at these first couple of days after coming to Berlin from my Christmas break in Warsaw, I realized that each day I’ve been juggling as many languages as skills. Yesterday was no exception.

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Online games for advanced students

The Internet is full of fun and eye-catching games for younger learners or even low-level adults. What I have been struggling with, was finding suitable online activities for more advanced students that would not be more of the same exam practice or grammar fill-in exercises. Feeling my students would appreciate (and deserved!)  some language fun, I started looking for online games and activities I could use in the classroom. Continue Reading …


TV Series lesson plan: What makes a great TV series pilot?

TV-SERIESLESSONPLANThe aim of this lesson is to discuss main features of successful TV series pilots using appropriate vocabulary. Students practice their reading and listening skills, as well as speaking and writing.

I adapted the article by Martie Cook to prepare the Reading worksheet  and this YouTube clip to prepare the Listening worksheet .

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