Phrasal verbs revision and consolidation activities

Phrasal-verbs-revision-and-consolidation-activitiesWhat activities can we use in order to help our students revise and consolidate their knowledge of various phrasal verbs? Keep reading to discover my 5 activity ideas.

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5 phrasal verbs revision games for advanced students

Making students even remotely enthusiastic about learning and using phrasal verbs has been one of my biggest challenges as a teacher. These 5 games have proved to be effective as far as consolidating and revising my students’ knowledge of phrasal verbs and encouraging their use. I have been using these games with upper-intermediate and advanced learners, especially those preparing for their FCE and CAE exams.

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Phrasal verbs about food: writing activity

PHRASALVERBSABOUTFOODThis writing activity helps students learn and practice different phrasal verbs about food. It is a perfect fit for classes about nutrition, diets, health, and fitness. It might be used with groups and individual students, levels intermediate and higher.

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6 steps to teaching phrasal verbs

My students often ask me how to learn phrasal verbs and confess they genuinely hate these little monsters. At first I wasn’t sure what kind of advice I could offer. Still, I knew that suggesting learning by heart would inevitably put my learners off. I have finally come up with 6 steps that can help students learn phrasal verbs more effectively. I would like to share them with other English teachers and learners.

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Phrasal verbs about education: speaking activity

The aim of the phrasal verbs about education speaking activity is to introduce four phrasal verbs related to the topic of education and practice using them in context. I have already discussed 8 different types of activities you might use to help your students learn phrasal verbs. Continue Reading …


Phrasal verbs about relationships: speaking activity

PHRASAL-VERBSABOUTRELATIONSHIPS-(2)The aim of this activity is to introduce four phrasal verbs to talk about relationships and practice using them in context. To work with this set of phrasal verbs you might want to choose some activities I described in my previous post about teaching this language point. Continue Reading …


Teaching phrasal verbs: phrasal verbs about money

A lot of my students claim phrasal verbs are the most difficult part of any given English course. They are not sure how to learn them, and even less sure how to use them. As a result, they try to memorise long lists but never risk using any in speaking or writing. I wrote more on how to approach learning phrasal verbs in my guest post for Keep Smiling English here. Continue Reading …