Phrasal verbs about relationships: speaking activity

PHRASAL-VERBSABOUTRELATIONSHIPS-(2)The aim of this activity is to introduce four phrasal verbs to talk about relationships and practice using them in context. To work with this set of phrasal verbs you might want to choose some activities I described in my previous post about teaching this language point.

The Task

I decided to use memory game cards to help my students learn the meaning, and then in groups they discussed how much they agree or disagree with the following statements which I wrote on the board:

  1. It is important to get along with your partner’s family and friends.
  2. The sooner you settle down, the better.
  3. It is a good idea to ask out somebody you work with.
  4. It is impossible to stay friends after you break up.


Personal Experience

This activity complemented the topic of family and relationships with my FCE and upper-intermediate groups whose main concern voiced at the beginning of the course was learning and using phrasal verbs. Once again, I made my students realise that the more they use any new vocabulary in context, the more they will remember it. If on top of that they use it to talk about their own experiences and personalise it this way, phrasal verbs will become useful tools helping them to express themselves and not just random words. I paid a lot of attention to whether the phrasal verbs were being used by my students and at the end of the activity I wrote several sentences on the board where they had missed the opportunity to use them.

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Here are 5 activity ideas that will help your students revise and consolidate new phrasal verbs.






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