6 steps to teaching phrasal verbs

My students often ask me how to learn phrasal verbs and confess they genuinely hate these little monsters. At first I wasn’t sure what kind of advice I could offer. Still, I knew that suggesting learning by heart would inevitably put my learners off. I have finally come up with 6 steps that can help students learn phrasal verbs more effectively. I would like to share them with other English teachers and learners.

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Business email writing lesson plan

BUSINESS-EMAIL-WRITINGThe aim of this class is to talk about business email writing etiquette, and practice composing and replying to emails. It is perfect for in-company students, both groups, and individual.

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FCE Use of English Part 2 Checklist

FCE-USE-OF-ENGLISH-PART-2The checklist helps students realise what to pay special attention to when dealing with FCE Use of English Part 2 and allows them to revise their knowledge of grammar. It contains 8 types of words that usually fit the gaps in these exercises: prepositions, pronouns, relative pronouns, articles, quantifiers, auxiliary verbs, modal verbs, and conjunctions.

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