Vocabulary dice game for all levels

Vocabulary-dice-game-for-all-levelsThis easy and extremely versatile vocabulary dice game is suitable for all levels and age groups of English learners. It is a great idea to revise vocabulary and might be used as a warm-up activity or to conclude the class. All you need to play it is a list of words you would like your students to revise, sheets of paper, pencils, and some dice. Continue Reading …


CAE revision game: Jeopardy

CAE-REVISION-GAME-JEOPARDYThis Jeopardy revision game works well with CAE students who need to revise the content of the course. It is a perfect game for the last class of the course. It combines teamwork, competition, and taking risks. It deals with phrasal verbs, idioms, collocations and expressions, prepositions, grammar, and vocabulary.

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