FCE Use of English Part 2 Checklist

FCE-USE-OF-ENGLISH-PART-2The checklist helps students realise what to pay special attention to when dealing with FCE Use of English Part 2 and allows them to revise their knowledge of grammar. It contains 8 types of words that usually fit the gaps in these exercises: prepositions, pronouns, relative pronouns, articles, quantifiers, auxiliary verbs, modal verbs, and conjunctions.

First, together with my students, we compiled a checklist of things to remember when dealing with Part 2 of the FCE Use of English paper (open cloze). To do this, I wrote the following sentences on the board and ask my students to quickly figure out what words are missing and to make sure they know what type od words they are.


  1. I woke ……….. at 7 am yesterday. (up, preposition)
  2. Do you know this woman? Yes, ………… is my English teacher. (she, pronoun)
  3. I don’t like people …………..aren’t honest. (who, relative pronoun)
  4. Who was ………. first man to walk on the Moon? (the, article)
  5. Mary doesn’t have ………. friends, she is quite lonely. ( many, quantifier)
  6. ………… you ever been to Egypt? (have, auxiliary verb)
  7. Tom ………. have been at home last night, I saw his car parked outside. (must, modal verb)
  8. …………. I like Sue, she isn’t the most helpful person. (although, conjunction)

Then, we practiced by using the FCE Use of English Part 2 worksheet.

For more First Certificate related materials see this writing activity and this Use of English worksheet.



FCE Use of English Part 2_student

FCE Use Of English Part 2_teacher


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