Six YouTube channels to use with curious students

In this post, I am sharing my favourite YouTube channels which I use during lessons with adult students. You might find them appropriate for older and more mature teenagers as well. The only prerequisite is for both you and your students to be curious, open-minded and eager to learn new things about the world. Take a look at my list.


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Business English Elementary: Revision Game

BUSINESS-ENGLISH-REVISION-GAME-(1)This is a revision game for elementary Business English learners. It might be played at the end of the unit to substitute a test. Some of its parts might be used at the end of the course as well.

The objective of this game is to revise the following: asking about personal information, saying hello and goodbye, introducing oneself and other people, spelling, the verb “to be”.

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Business email writing lesson plan

BUSINESS-EMAIL-WRITINGThe aim of this class is to talk about business email writing etiquette, and practice composing and replying to emails. It is perfect for in-company students, both groups, and individual.

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Business English speaking: persuasion

BUSINESS-ENGLISH-SPEAKING-ACTIVITYI prepared this speaking activity for my adult Business English students to help them practice using persuasion and structuring their arguments better. It combines discussion section with role-play, which makes it a dynamic and engaging activity your students will surely enjoy.

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Small Talk Lesson Plan

Small talk lesson plan aims at familiarising the students with the concept of small talk and some appropriate ways to overcome socially awkward situations in English. Students work in groups and try to make small talk on a number of topics. It might be used as a speaking activity or a game, where learners are timed and get points depending on how well they manage to engage their partners in small talk. It is a perfect fit for conversation classes.

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LinkedIn lesson plan

I planned this LinkedIn lesson with my adult Business English students in mind. It combines speaking, listening and writing in the context of using LinkedIn, one of the fastest-growing social networking services for professionals. It is a great lesson to use with corporate clients, who often have an extensive and impressive knowledge of business networking and find this topic really interesting and engaging.

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