Grammar revision with a music video: 4 ideas

Grammar-revision-with-a-music-video-4-ideasThe aim if this class is for your students to revise a number of grammar points: using narrative tenses, modal verbs, third conditional, and wish/if only to express wishes about the present and the past. The lesson is based on the music video to the song Shot at the Night by The Killers. It is suitable for levels upper-intermediate, advanced and students preparing for Cambridge exams.

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Using past modals for speculation and deduction: 3 activities

3-ACTIVITIES-TO-PRACTICE-PAST-MODL-VERBS-(1)In this post, I am describing 3 activities where students practice using past modal verbs for speculation and deduction. I have been using them with upper-intermediate, advanced, FCE, and CAE students who often struggle with the concept of using modal verbs for something other than expressing ability or obligation.

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Past modals speaking activity: abandoned places

PAST-MODALSSPEAKINGACTIVITYThe aim of this activity is to practice using modal verbs to speculate about the past. It is suitable for levels intermediate and higher. It is a good choice for students preparing for their FCE or CAE exams who need to work more on the use of modal verbs. It is based around the photos in this online article.

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Big life decisions speaking activity

BIG-LIFE-DECISIONS-LESSON-PLAN-(1)Students make  four big life decisions by coming up with lists of pros and cons for different situations. By doing so they can also revise the use of conditionals (first and second), modal verbs used to speculate (may, might, could) and linking devices (however, although, on the other hand). Suitable for adult and teenage students, levels intermediate and up.

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