Vocabulary dice game for all levels

This easy and extremely versatile vocabulary dice game is suitable for all levels and age groups of English learners. It is a great idea to revise vocabulary and might be used as a warm-up activity or to conclude the class. All you need to play it is a list of words you would like your students to revise, sheets of paper, pencils, and some dice. Continue Reading …


Minimal pairs pronunciation game

Minimal pairs pronunciation game helps students practice minimal pairs of vowels in a playful way. Minimal pairs are pairs of words that differ in one phoneme and have distinct meanings. This game helps practice minimal pairs that differ in the vowel sound: /ɪ / vs. /i:/, colloquially known as “short” and “long” “i”. Continue Reading …


Vocabulary Game: Pass The Bomb

This vocabulary game has been one of my students’ favourite for some time now. It is based on the popular word game Pass the BombIt helps with spelling and broadens students’ vocabulary in an entertaining way. I often use this vocabulary game with FCE, CAE, and upper-intermediate students. It is a great way to either start or finish the lesson.

Continue Reading …