Lifetramp lesson plan

Lifetramp lesson plan offers listening, speaking and writing practice. The aim of this class is to talk about different jobs and compare authentic job descriptions. The idea for this lesson came to me after stumbling upon this amazing website. I found the idea of Lifetramp really interesting and decided to introduce my students to this online community.

The Task

The lesson consists of two parts. In Part 1 students need to watch a YouTube video about Lifetramp and fill in the blanks with the words or short phrases they hear (modelled after FCE/ CAE Listening Part 1). After learning about the idea behind Lifetramp they should answer three questions (in pairs / whole group discussion).

Part 2 involves working with the website. Students (preferably in pairs or small groups) should follow the instructions from the handout. The written part of the task requires them to use modal verbs (must, might, may, could, can’t) to make guesses about their chosen mentor’s job. In the last step, students compare the real job description of a person they chose with their assumptions.

For more exercises about modal verbs see this class about using past modals for deduction and speculation. 

Personal Experience

My teenage students LOVED THIS CLASS about Lifetramp. They were absolutely fascinated by the idea of shadowing a chosen professional, and even more fascinated by the variety of jobs people all over the world have. It turned out to be a very engaging and inspiring class, allowed a lot of speaking opportunities for the students and I also managed to smuggle in some grammar points.



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  1. I’d love to use this website for my lesson but can only seem to get it in Polish! Can you help me find a way to get the English version?

    Your blog continues to be a massive source of inspiration, I love it!

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