Pronunciation Warm-up: Useless and Useful Activities. Guest post by Elena Mutonono

In her guest post, Elena walks us through introducing effective pronunciation warm-ups to our English lessons. Why are tongue twisters not necessarily the best way to go? What is linking? How to teach it? What do music videos have to do with it? Keep reading to find out.

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Rhyming lyrics pronunciation activity

The aim of this activity is to use the rhyming structure of the song Everything at Once by Lenka in order to fill in the gaps in the song’s lyrics. It is as much a pronunciation activity as it is a form of vocabulary revision since the lyrics feature a series of similes that additionally enable students to figure out the missing words. Suitable for both adult and teenage learners, levels pre-intermediate and higher.

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A noun or a verb? Word stress board game

The aim of this game is to practice word stress in double-duty, two-syllable words which may serve as both nouns and verbs (protest, insult, reject, etc.) This game works great both with teenage and adult students. I have used it during regular as well as conversation classes.

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