CAE revision game: Jeopardy

Jeopardy revision game works well with CAE students who need to revise the content of the course. It is a perfect game for the last class of the course. It combines teamwork, competition, and taking risks. It deals with phrasal verbs, idioms, collocations and expressions, prepositions, grammar, and vocabulary.

The Task

Divide the class into teams (up to 4). They can select questions by category and dollar amount. Click a tick or a cross to determine whether the team got the answer right or wrong. They can signal they are ready to answer by raising their hands / knocking on the table etc. (choose the signal wisely, it will get noisy). Once the questions from all categories have been answered, it’s time for the final jeopardy, when teams can bet their money.

Personal Experience

As I was planning the last class of the course, I knew I would get booed out of the room If I brought any more worksheets. This Jeopardy game works like a charm: competition, imposed time limit, and teamwork all make it a fast-paced and dynamic revision class for CAE students.



CAE Jeopardy _key


  1. That game is awesome! Yet, it’s a pity students can’t play it on their mobiles for free.

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