Third Conditional speaking activity

This speaking activity helps students practise using third conditional to talk about the past and imagine what would have happened if…

It is suitable for any learners who are already familiar with third conditional and need more speaking practice. It is also a great activity for conversation classes and 1-1 lessons.

The Task

In pairs or groups, students draw cards and have to finish the third conditional sentence. Make sure to go through several sentences at the end of the activity to see how many different possibilities your students had come up with. This speaking activity may easily be adapted to be a game with students keeping score of correct third conditional sentences.

For more speaking activities that help practice grammar see this devoted to using I’d rather / I’d prefer / It’s time or this one about same way question tags.

Personal Experience

This is a very straightforward activity which focuses on the third conditional structure but at the same time allows some creativity. It requires close monitoring to make sure that correct grammar is used. It is a good idea to note down some common mistakes and go through them before finishing the class.


Third Conditional_What would have happened

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