Facebook lesson plan

Facebook lesson plan offers a lot of Facebook-related vocabulary practice, grammar practice, and speaking. It was inspired by the video What’s on Your Mind which went viral and inspired some discussion about the way we use social media to create our online persona. It is suitable for pre-intermediate and intermediate students and compliments well coursebook chapters about technology or media.

The Task

You start with the Before you watch section and work with some Facebook-related vocabulary. Students match verbs and nouns to create Facebook-related expressions ( to update your status, to tag somebody in a picture, to like somebody’s post).

Then it’s time to watch the video (preferably twice) and fill in the table comparing the man’s Facebook posts with reality. There are no right or wrong answers here, the idea is for your students to see that these two tables should contain opposite ideas. It is a good opportunity to revise a lot of verbs used to describe everyday activities. If you think it is going to help your students, elicit some key vocabulary before you watch.

Finally, there is time for some Q&A about our Facebook habits. You might want to broaden the scope of the discussion beyond the questions from the worksheet. Facebook lesson plan might be easily adapted for more advanced students who might be interested in discussing the video and its message more than simply talking about what they use Facebook for.

If you are interested in other activities on the topic of social networks check out my lesson about Life Tramp and LinkedIn.

Personal Experience

So far, I haven’t met a student who wouldn’t be impressed with the video. Depending on the level, the students were able to engage in shorter or longer discussions based solely on the video. With lower levels, filling in the table worked well as a basic revision of Present Simple and verb+s.




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