FCE Reading and Use of English part 4

In this post, you will find some exam practice exercises which help your students improve their score in the Reading and Use of English (part 4) part of the Cambridge First exam.

Part 4 of the R&UoE exam paper often turns out to be the most difficult for the students. Last year, I suggested an alternative way of approaching this exam task. You can read more about it here.

Below, you can find a handout containing 25 exam type exercises covering a range of structures/ language points:

  • passive voice
  • modal verbs
  • so/such
  • verb patterns
  • reported speech
  • get used to -ing
  • wish
  • as soon as

It can be used in class or for homework. It is suitable for students who are about to take their exam soon and need a lot of revision. The handout comes with the key.

For more materials and ideas suitable for FCE classes take a look at



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