Using WILL for offers, promises, decisions, threats

In this activity students need to come up with various sentences using WILL to express promises, offers, decisions and threats in different contexts. Suitable for students who have already worked with the concept of using WILL, pre-intermediate and intermediate levels.

The Task

Students work individually or in  pairs to make as many sentences as possible to fit each conversation. There are examples given. You might blow up the worksheet on the board or distribute them among students. Encourage your students to invent different types of will sentences for each category (what kind of promise could a bank robber make? any threats between the wife and the husband?).

For more grammar activities see the third conditional speaking game and this lesson about adverbs.

Personal Experience

I made this activity once I saw my students were not fully convinced by the example sentences from the book we were using. What I tried to do was put a pretty broad concept of “a promise” in a context (a salesperson promising wonders to the prospective customer) and I think it worked. I used this speaking activity with both adult and teenage groups and their sentences convinced me they got the idea. Also, some of my students came up with hilarious ideas, so the humour component is worth exploring here.



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