Business English Elementary: Revision Game

BUSINESS-ENGLISH-REVISION-GAME-(1)This is a revision game for elementary Business English learners. It might be played at the end of the unit to substitute a test. Some of its parts might be used at the end of the course as well.

The objective of this game is to revise the following: asking about personal information, saying hello and goodbye, introducing oneself and other people, spelling, the verb “to be”.

The Task

Students play in groups or pairs. They need dice, counters, the copy of the game, and 3 cut up cards. They roll the dice, move along the board and follow the instructions. Whoever reaches the FINISH square first, wins.

For more ideas suitable for Business English classes see this writing activity and this speaking one.

Personal Experience

I have never been sure whether using games in my Business English classes was a good idea. I decided to test the waters with my beginners group, and instead of giving them a revision test I went with a tried and true board game, hoping they would not feel patronised. Guess what, they did not! I feel I often underestimate the power of games and more informal ways of practising the language with my adult students, especially those in-company groups.

This game helped me conduct a very effective revision class and my students really applied themselves and tried using the language we had covered. My intention was to make the task as authentic and true to real life interactions as possible, which I think my group really appreciated. Plus, it is amazing how even the least talkative students suddenly open up and gain confidence once there are dice and counters involved.


Revision Game

Revision Game_cards


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