My top 5 #ELT Instagram accounts

Instagram is definitely becoming a place to look for quality ELT content. Let me share my top 5 #ELT Instagram accounts with you. Please, share your fav ones in the comments.

I might not be the most avid Instagram poster but I am certainly a very avid scroller. It all started a year ago, I was doing my flat up and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what it should look like once I was done. Enters Instagram, with its wealth of images and links and most importantly, people who shared my (then) interest in home furnishings. Once I was done regrouting my kitchen, the time came to explore Instagram as far as #ELT was concerned.

Why Instagram? It has become an incredible directory of useful content which is very easy to navigate thanks to the hashtag system. Used wisely, it allows you to actually learn and find out about new developments and events in #ELT, without the risk of running into celeb selfies. The comment section is not yet as lively as Twitter exchanges, but more and more freelance educators and trainers use this medium to share their message with the world so it is only a matter of time until #ELT Instagram accounts start exploding.

The accounts I am listing below all meet the same criteria:

  • they are active (posts appear regularly)
  • thy offer relevant, interesting and/or relatable #ELT related insight and links
  • they are visually pleasing
  • feature on average 50 posts each

Click on the link in every account name to check it out.

#1 What is ELT 

Run by Andreia Zakime and Rubens Heredia this account is the extension of their website under the same name. Its eye-pleasing aesthetic goes hand in hand with interesting posts about different aspects of teaching (board work, patterns of interaction, CPD), book reviews and recommendations as well as thought-provoking topics such as empowering women in the classroom.

#2 TEFL Equity Advocates

You might be familiar with Marek Kiczkowiak’s work in the field of speaking against native speakerism in #ELT and promoting teaching English as lingua franca (ELF). If you want even easier access to the message he shares start following him on Instagram and stay up to date with his newest projects.

#3 T.Veigga ELT

Taylor Veigga’s account is a great example of a social media presence by an educator who is not afraid of letting us into their classroom or showing us around the #ELT conferences all over the world. Make sure to follow her Insta Stories to find out about the newest courses for teachers!

#4 ESL Creative

This account promises to simplify teachers’ lives and it delivers! It offers a combination of ideas for no-prep activities and links to printables via ISLCollective. If you are looking for quick ideas which might easily be digested on your commute to work, that is the place!

#5 Sharing ELT Experiences

Marilia lives in Brazil and has been in the #ELT game since 2006. She stays true to the name of her account and shares her experiences and marvelous teaching ideas. I love how she lets us peek into her classroom and see her teaching in action. Make sure to read each post to add some gems to your own collection of classroom activities.

If you have an Instagram account which you would like to share with the rest of the world, leave a comment below. You can follow me at @lessonplansdig although my #ELT game still has a long way to go 🙂


  1. Hello there! What a lovely list! You’re so right, they’re all very good accounts Indeed. Please have a look at @talkingefl. There we interview people, open space for novice teachers to blog, open space for teachers to interview book writers and write conference reports….

    • Hi Rodrigo, thank you for the suggestion. I will make sure to check it out 🙂

  2. One of my favourites to follow is @mylittleenglishpage She has a YouTuve channel too.

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