5-minute speaking activity: netiquette

5-MINUTE-SPEAKING-ACTIVITYNETIQUETTEThis brief warm-up speaking activity discusses the rules of online etiquette aka netiquette. It is great for both teenage and adult students and supplements nicely topics about technology and communication.

You may try eliciting the word netiquette first by asking your students what the other word for having good manners is (etiquette) and then asking them to imagine the word which means online etiquette (be ready to hear some really creative and abstract responses; some of my students came up with Interquette and onlinequette)

Then, show your students the visual and try to elicit some examples of good and bad online manners, examples of annoying and acceptable online behavior. Some examples of bad netiquette include:┬áspelling and grammar errors, using capital letter too often, swearing, spamming, attacking other users on message boards / in comment sections, sending obvious mass messages on LinkedIn or Facebook, over-sharing in social media (posting too often, posting very personal content / photos). See how many netiquette no-no’s you can come up with and try to agree on the worst top 3.

This is a very useful speaking activity to revise internet vocabulary and hold a mini discussion.

For more speaking warm-ups see this activity about guilty pleasures.



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