Parental decisions speaking activity

Parental decisions speaking activity offers plenty of opportunities for your students to discuss various problems, negotiate, agree, and disagree. This is a pretty engaging speaking activity for both teenagers and adults. It works best with levels intermediate and above. I usually use it to supplement chapters on family life / family matters for FCE or CAE students to help them practice for the group discussion part of their speaking exam (Part 3). It is also perfect for conversation classes, for both bigger and smaller groups.


The Task

In groups, students need to find solutions to the problems from the list. They should try using Useful Expressions to agree / disagree and suggest possible solutions.

A possible follow-up activity includes asking your students to decide which decision from the list is the most difficult/serious; or in case of adult students asking them about the most difficult parental decisions they have ever made.

Parental Decisions speaking activity provides a great opportunity for learners to practice a wide range of grammar structures, especially modal verbs (must, mustn’t, should, shouldn’t), second conditional (If I were in this situation, I would…). This activity encourages students to express their opinions, agree/disagree, and negotiate towards a decision; all these skills being very important during FCE and CAE speaking exams.

Most importantly, Parental Decisions speaking activity prompts students to use English and interact with their classmates.

For more speaking activities see Problem Solving, Moral Dilemmas, Big Life Decisions or Excuses.

Personal Experience

I’ve found Parental Decisions to be very effective and entertaining. Everybody tends to have opinions when it comes to parenting, there has always been a lot of discussion and plenty of opportunities to use target structures.


Parental Decisions

Useful expressions table


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