Lesson plans digger is a blog featuring a variety of lesson plans for teaching different skills, levels and ages.

Every teacher knows that complementing our coursebooks is a must, and doing so often means hours of researching, downloading, editing and tailoring whatever we had found; the practice to which I like to refer as lesson plan digging. Having spent years rummaging through different websites, reaching a semi-pro digger status and learning a lot about devising one’s own materials, I decided to put all my observations into practice and finally I was creating more of my own resources than downloading the ready-made ones.

This blog is an attempt at not only storing and filing my own work but also sharing it with other teachers out there. If there is anything I feel strongly about is that effective teaching relies heavily on real teachers exchanging their experiences, opinions, and success and failure stories. Since we tend to work alone, the web has become the best tool and platform for all the teaching mavericks to communicate and support each other. Please, feel free to use the materials featured on this page and comment on how useful, effective or terrible you have found them.

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