Grammar games: advice, obligation, prohibition

These 3 games provide some extra speaking practice when discussing functions of such verbs as: should, shouldn’t, must,  have to, and not have to to express advice, obligation, and prohibition. It is a good idea for pre-intermediate and intermediate students, adults and teenagers alike.

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5 phrasal verbs revision games for advanced students

FIVEPHRASALVERBSREVISIONGAMESMaking students even remotely enthusiastic about learning and using phrasal verbs has been one of my biggest challenges as a teacher. These 5 games have proved to be effective as far as consolidating and revising my students’ knowledge of phrasal verbs and encouraging their use. I have been using these games with upper-intermediate and advanced learners, especially those preparing for their FCE and CAE exams.

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6 quick games to play at the end of class

6-QUICK-GAMES-TO-PLAY-AT-THE-END-OF-THE-CLASSWith a couple of minutes left until the end of the lesson, your class might descend into chaos: L1 flying, frantic packing, texting, or worse, students actually queuing in front of the door waiting for you to let them out. I am talking about both younger and older students here. In this post, I am presenting 6 quick games that will help you finish on a good note and keep your students engaged until the very end. Continue Reading …


Our lives without … speaking activity

This speaking activity encourages students to imagine their lives without something considered quite vital nowadays and describe the new reality. It is a fun activity for levels intermediate and higher, teenagers and adults alike. It offers the opportunity for students to collaborate, exchange ideas, and practice such grammar points as modal verbs or second conditional.

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Online games for advanced students

ONLINE-GAMES-FOR-ADVANCED-STUDENTSThe Internet is full of fun and eye-catching games for younger learners or even low-level adults. What I have been struggling with, was finding suitable online activities for more advanced students that would not be more of the same exam practice or grammar fill-in exercises. Feeling my students would appreciate (and deserved!)  some language fun, I started looking for online games and activities I could use in the classroom. Continue Reading …


Vocabulary dice game for all levels

Vocabulary-dice-game-for-all-levelsThis easy and extremely versatile vocabulary dice game is suitable for all levels and age groups of English learners. It is a great idea to revise vocabulary and might be used as a warm-up activity or to conclude the class. All you need to play it is a list of words you would like your students to revise, sheets of paper, pencils, and some dice. Continue Reading …


Vocabulary mingle game

VOCABULARY-MINGLE-GAMEVocabulary mingle game is a fun and engaging activity which requires from students to find answers to 20 different questions relating to various vocabulary items. It might be used as a warm-up game and is a good idea for one of the first classes when you would like to gauge your students’ vocabulary knowledge. It might as well be used in the form of a quiz after covering several units from the coursebook. Continue Reading …


Minimal pairs pronunciation game

MINIMAL-PAIRS-PRONUNCIATION-GAMEMinimal pairs pronunciation game helps students practice minimal pairs of vowels in a playful way. Minimal pairs are pairs of words that differ in one phoneme and have distinct meanings. This game helps practice minimal pairs that differ in the vowel sound: /ɪ / vs. /i:/, colloquially known as “short” and “long” “i”. Continue Reading …


FCE word formation card game

WORD-FORMATION-CARD-GAMEThis FCE word formation card game helps to revise and consolidate forming verbs, adjectives and adverbs from nouns; the skill that comes in handy when dealing with FCEUse of English, Part 3. Competition, time limit, and peer correction all make it a fast-paced and engaging activity for both adult and teenage students.

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