New Year’s Eve traditions activity

The aim of this brief activity is to talk about different New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world. It is a great idea for the first class after the holiday break and is suitable for all ages and levels. It is based on this Buzzfeed¬†article.

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Best and worst Christmas gifts speaking activity

BEST-AND-WORST-CHRISTMAS-GIFTS-SPEAKING-ACTIVITY-(1)The aim of this activity is to talk about best and worst ideas for Christmas gifts. It is a good fit for all ages and levels. It makes students share their personal experience, compare opinions, and usually makes for a fun class. It is a great idea for the last lesson before the Christmas break. Continue Reading …


Video-based Christmas activities

THE-POST-TITLE-(1)The last class before the Christmas break might be a challenge as even adult students expect it to be light and holiday oriented. This short video issued by WestJet  airlines in 2013 has inspired my Christmas conversation classes with more advanced students. I then came up with different activity ideas for all levels, focusing on speaking and listening.

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Office Christmas parties lesson plan

OFFICE-CHRISTMAS-PARTIES-LESSON-PLANThe aim of this lesson is talking and writing about the dos and don’ts of office Christmas parties. It is a great opportunity to revise and practice different ways of giving advice. The lesson is suitable for adult students, levels pre-intermediate and above. The lesson is based on the article published in The Telegraph.

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