How not to waste time during your first lesson: a free guide

Making the most of your first class with a new learner is critical to both gaining a new client and planning the subsequent classes effectively. How to make sure you don’t waste time and make your first class a success? Keep reading and download my free guide and a printable lesson plan.

Let’s see whether any of these scenarios sound familiar:


1. Your first class with a new student went great, you are meeting again next week. Now, you are frantically trying to figure out what to do in your lessons and what the student actually needs because, honestly, you still have no idea.

2. Your first class with a new student went great, you are meeting again next week. Now, you’ve realised you forgot to mention a couple of things…like payment methods or your Skype ID. You begin to write an email feeling like an incompetent amateur.

3. Your first class with a new student went great, you had a lovely chat. Now, you’ve been waiting for them to get back to you to schedule your next meeting. It’s already been 5 days and your gut is telling you it won’t happen.

If you recognize at least one of these situations, it means your first class did not, in fact, go great.

I’ve had my fair share of first lessons with individual learners and it took me a while to realise that making the most out of this time (sometimes unpaid) boils down to two things:

  • Asking right questions
  • Sharing relevant information


Gaining a new student is one thing, it’s obviously our principal goal. To do so, a teacher must showcase not only their language skills but also the ability to quickly gather information and sensibly describe the direction in which they think the course should go. Nobody has forever to do all that and each first class has a limited duration. That’s why during the first meeting we hold with a prospective learner (often called a trial or introductory lesson) there is no time for random chit chat or exchanging irrelevant information.

Here’s when a clear lesson structure comes in handy. Click below if you’d like to receive my free guide to a successful first class with a new learner. The guide contains a 4-step printable lesson plan that helps you:

  • zero in on what your student truly needs,
  • devise a personalised course of action,
  • remember all the details we often forget to share with our new student


Have a great first class with your new student!



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