Advanced scattegories

Scattegories is a category-based game which I most often use to revise and practice vocabulary and creative thinking.  In this post, you can find 5 scattegories sets which will be a perfect for your advanced classes. The game works with groups and individual students.

How to play

Students play in pairs/groups or individually. Their task is to come up with 3 items for each category in limited time.

They get one point of they are the only ones to come up with a given item, 0.5 a point of the item repeats.  They get 0 points if their item does not fit the category. Whoever gets the most points, wins.

In order to make the game more fun and communicative, encourage your students to justify their choices of items while checking their answers.


This game can be used with any given vocabulary set. I chose:

  • Set 1: Phrasal verbs with keep


  • Set 2: Expressions with speak, say, and tell


  • Set 3: Expressions with take


  • Set 4: Expressions with brain and mind


  • Set 5: Collocations with go

Personal Experience

I have found Scattegories to be a very entertaining and effective way of revising new vocabulary with my advanced students. Instead of just listing the words/ expressions, they need to come up with concepts that the new vocabulary describes. This enables them to use the target items while justifying their choices and creates more context for new collocations/phrasal verbs. The game involves competition and time limit which makes it a lively and amusing activity enjoyed both by adults and teens.

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Advanced Scattegories


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