Body language conversation class

BODY-LANGUAGE-CONVERSATIONCLASSThe aim of this class is to practice speaking skills in the context of talking about body language. One of the language goals is  creating nouns from adjectives. It is suitable for adult learners, levels B2 and up.

The Lesson

The lesson consists of 3 parts:

Introduction, where students match different types of handshakes with their names.

Vocabulary, where students create nouns from adjectives and then fill in the gaps in the sentences. Students learn how to describe certain types of body language using verbs such as to signify, to convey the meaning of, to indicate +nouns

Speaking, where students discuss different types of body language and their meaning.

The lesson’s main aim is to develop fluency and work on using right vocabulary. It is suitable for individual or group classes with adult learners and fits quite well into the category of conversation classes. It might be effectively used during Business English classes. It might also be used with learners preparing for various exams as a means of helping them work on their fluency, pronunciation, lexical range and grammatical correctness. The topic usually appeals to adult students of different backgrounds.

It might take around 60 minutes to complete the lesson. It might be used during both online and face to face meetings. The beginning of the following lesson should be spent on discussing the homework.


Body Language


    • Thank you, Maria! Glad you like it as it’s one of my personal favourites 🙂

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