Healthy eating conversation class

HEALTHY EATINGThe aim of this class is to practice speaking skills in the context of talking about healthy eating. The lesson comes with a listening homework assignment. It is suitable for adult learners, levels B1 and up.

The Lesson

The lesson consists of 4 parts:

Introduction, where students find out what the three photos have in common (they show fatty, greasy, unhealthy kind of food).

Vocabulary, where students match two halves of compound nouns to create items they can use later (and should be encouraged to do so) to answer a series of questions.

Speaking, where students answer questions concerning healthy eating.

Homework, where students watch a short clip and find out what the figures correspond to and take notes of 3 surprising facts they learned.

The lesson’s main aim is to develop fluency and work on using right vocabulary. It is suitable for individual or group classes with adult learners and fits quite well into the category of conversation classes. It might also be used with learners preparing for various exams as a means of helping them work on their fluency, pronunciation, lexical range and grammatical correctness. The topic usually appeals to adult students of different backgrounds.

It might take around 60 minutes to complete the lesson. It might be used during both online and face to face meetings. The beginning of the following lesson should be spent on discussing the homework.





  1. Hi Gosia, I just found your site today via Pinterest and I also saw a comment from you on Lena’s site. I’m thrilled to have found your resource site. Many of my students are actually English teachers and I know they’ll also find your site very useful so I look forward to sharing it with them. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your work and passion for teaching English! Best wishes, Annemarie

    • Hi Annemarie, thank you so much for your kind words! It means a lot coming from a fellow teacher. Please, spread the word and keep coming back fro more lesson plans and teaching ideas.

  2. Hi Gosia
    I really enjoyed looking at the moral dilemmas that you created. I’m teaching an intermediate conversation class for adults at the moment and they can really relate to these situation. thank you.

    • Thank you for letting me know, Sue! It’s great to hear your students find these topics relevant.

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