Word formation game: Beep!

The aim of this word formation game is for students to play in pairs and form nouns /verbs /adjectives /adverbs that fit the sentences. It is perfect for FCE students who might need a break from traditional word formation exercises but still need to practice for Use of English Part 3.

The Task

Students play in pairs. You need to cut the worksheet along the indicated line. Each person gets a worksheet with 5 words in the box and 5 sentences where beep substitutes a missing word. Person A reads their first sentence to B. B needs to change one word from their box to fit the gap in A’s sentence. A sees the target word written in capitals next to the sentence but can’t read it out to B. Students take turns reading their sentences to each other. Whoever manages to fill in more gaps, wins.

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Personal Experience

This activity is a funnier take on the classic FCE/CAE word-formation exercise. I find it useful to recycle vocabulary every couple of units. It involves some competition, which always spices things up, and is very easily adaptable to whatever vocabulary set you currently are working on. You might use it to practice any given type of word transformation (nouns to verbs, adjectives to adverbs, etc.) It might be played in pairs or bigger groups, however then you should come up with more sentences per group.


Beep_Word Formation

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