FCE writing: error correction

The aim of this FCE writing error correction activity is to help students identify and correct the mistakes they make while writing a longer text (in this case a review). It is suitable for students practising different types of FCE writing tasks who struggle with error correction.

The Task

First, students have to identify the type of mistake; wrong word order, wrong pronoun reference, spelling etc.

Then, they should read a review and find and correct 9 mistakes.

The optional follow-up activity is to set a review of a concert/ festival for homework (140-160 words). Alternatively, you might ask your students to write a text in class and then correct their partner’s assignment. To do this, you need a longer class so that your students are not rushed and can plan and execute their FCE writing task well.

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Personal Experience

I prepared this activity for my FCE students who claim they are never able to spot their own mistakes. This task might not be flashy, but it makes students more aware of the kinds of FCE writing mistakes they are likely to make, and it helps them look more critically at their own writing.


Checking your work

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